Community Songleading

Kaitie Ty is available for community singing workshops for all sorts of groups and events. Community singing is a profoundly excellent form of team-building; it can turn strangers into harmonic choir members with one another, and the act of singing together can teach us all sorts of lessons about listening, contributing, empathizing, and what it feels like to be in harmony with one another instead of in competition or in isolation. Kaitie weaves messages from the Ubuntu philosophy in which her singing style is based into her song circles, teaching simple layers to complex songs from around the world, so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and every individual has a role to play. She has been celebrated for her capacity to get even “non-singers” singing, and welcoming those with shy voices into luscious harmonies and poly-rhythms with musical success.

Previous workshops include teaching or leading songs at:

Los Angeles Community SongFest (2019)
Northern California DanceCamp (New Years 2019)
Song Village
SF FolkFest
SingJam! singing events with kids

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