Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons can be adapted for individual needs and interests, so if you have an inkling, reach out and let us know! Here are some of the areas Kaitie Ty has worked in with students:

Healthy Speech with Parkinson’s Disease. As a yoga teacher as well as voice teacher with a history working with people with PD, Kaitie is a good at helping identify which PD symptoms are affecting the student and which vocal exercises need to be done more often.

Singing Lessons (all voices). Kaitie herself has been taking voice lessons from an early age, and because she was prone to losing her voice in performance settings, had to train significantly to learn the ins and outs of structural support in singing. She has a special place in her heart for working with people whose medical or physical challenges have prevented them from enjoying use of their voices in the past, but is happy to work with singers at any level who want to develop a stronger connection to their music.

Authentic Voice. Drawing on her own history of training vocally, physically and emotionally which led her to develop a healthy relationship with her own voice, Kaitie finds it rewarding to work with those who wish to strengthen their vocal and emotional presence. The body, soul, and voice are woven together in this human experience, and strengthened through integration.

Yoga and Voice. Kaitie is a certified yoga trainer who, when called upon to teach yoga, incorporates vocal elements.

Chanting. In her own spiritual practice, Kaitie uses chants and songs from different cultures and backgrounds. Although this can easily be practiced in a group setting, Kaitie is available for one-on-one chanting sessions, which help strengthen vocal stamina and resonance, as well as allow for a deep, physical and emotional meditation.